Savvy consumers like yourself know that buying a phone out of contract is a great way to save time and take charge of your phone plan. Many smartphone users believe they can only purchase a phone from their carrier or the phone manufacturer. While your carrier probably isn’t going to encourage you to purchase a phone from someone else, you totally can! It’s simple to do. And, truthfully? It makes a whole lot of sense. You can buy a phone out of contract at any time (no waiting for upgrades) without extending the life of your contract or tacking on additional financing fees. This is great news, right? Now, let’s talk about why you might want go this route.

Why you may want to buy a phone out of contract:

  • You’re ready to upgrade and don’t want to extend the life of your contact.
  • You want to get a new phone without paying extra financing fees each month (now often mandated by carriers).
  • You want to upgrade your phone, but you don’t want to spend a fortune.
  • Your current phone is not working/not fixable and you need something affordable to replace it.
  • You’re purchasing a phone for a child, friend, family member or employee and wish to have the most economical option.

Now let’s talk about the logistics of how to buy a phone out of contract…

Gem City Digital has a large selection of excellent condition pre-owned phones and sometimes new phones, too. Our team is prepared to help you assess your needs and find a device within your budget. All of our phones are quality-tested and free of operational defects. Our phones carry our 90-day warranty as come with a wall charger and cable. When you buy a phone out of contract from Gem City Digital, we’re happy to help you activate the device before you leave our store. We can help you with data transfer as well and answer any questions you may have about your new device.

When you decide to buy a phone out of contract, we’ve got you covered!

Phones in our inventory have passed all of our required operability, battery health and moisture inspections. Each phone is wiped of all previous user data and fully inspected. In addition, we check each phone to make it’s not flagged as lost or stolen. You can feel safe purchasing a phone from Gem City Digital because we’ve done the homework for you.

We want YOU to purchase the right phone for YOU!

If you have additional questions about how to buy a phone out of contract, please use the form below to send us a message or stop by! We have many excellent condition pre-owned phones in stock and would love to tell you all about them.

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